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All of us at some point in our life went through the uncomfortable but necessary sex talk. Some of us had to hear it from our parents, others gave ‘the talk’ to their children and then some of us both!

Remember how awkward it felt? Maybe it was easier for some of us. Regardless of whether we were giving the talk or listening to ‘the talk’, we had our own preconceived notions about what ‘the talk’ should entail.

We were probably nervous and sweaty practicing what to say or what we would say if the conversation arose. Funny though, because sex is a natural part of life and is a path everyone crosses at some point. Yet ‘the talk’  is often dreaded by one or both parties.

But ‘the talk’ was a symbolism of being prepared, sharing knowledge, providing guidance,  answering questions, protecting yourself, understanding consequences and removing uncertainty. One would say good parents have ‘the talk’ with their kids regardless of how difficult or awkward it may feel.

Fast forward.

Those same children and parents are now older. Another natural part of life is getting older. So there are conversations to be had. Yet like ‘the talk’, many feel uncomfortable having those conversations. Some dread them, some refuse to have them and some avoid them completely.

What if we looked at ‘the talk’ this way.

What if by having conversations about key getting older issues helped not only the person getting older but helped alleviate stress on their children or grandchildren?

I suggest we rename the ‘getting older talk.’ And let’s have some fun.

Let’s call it the ‘New Aging Sex Talk.”

What if the ‘New Aging Sex Talk’ allowed for better preparation?

What if the ‘New Aging Sex Talk’ shared important knowledge?

What if the ‘New Aging Sex Talk’ helped by providing guidance?

What if the ‘New Aging Sex Talk’ helped answer questions for all involved?

What if the ‘New Aging Sex Talk’ provided protection to you and loved ones?

What if the ‘New Aging Sex Talk’ helped everyone to understand consequences of their actions?

What if the ‘New Aging Sex Talk’ removed some uncertainty?

What if the ‘New Aging Sex Talk’ provided all of us with peace of mind?

I would suggest that the ‘New Aging Sex Talk’  adds a great deal of value to all involved.

So let’s get talking!

Watch for our new Article Series on the New Aging Sex Talk to better understand what needs to be talked about.

Let’s understand the dynamics on what a senior wants later in life under certain circumstances.

Let’s talk about key medical information required like current medications, doctors, etc.

Let’s talk about Power of Attorney wishes, Power of Care wishes, even end of life wishes.

Let’s talk about legal suggestions and complications.

Let’s talk about financial scenarios and who needs to know what and why.

Let’s talks about the social aspects. If something were to happen to you, who should be notified? Does family know who your friends are and how to reach them?

Let’s talk about housing arrangements or preferences.

Let’s talk about what’s what and where. Where are important papers or documents located?

Let’s talk about if someone needed to step in and manage things for you for awhile, what do they need to know and how will they know?

Let’s talk about sex for seniors because it is yet another natural evolution of the cycle of life.

These New Aging Sex talk series will provide so much value to you and your family. Watch for it!