Many people are setting their 2019 goals, and envisioning their adventures for the year ahead. People with vision loss are also looking for ways to grow and explore, and as they do the iMagniphy LED Magnifying Glass – 2 Lens Set could solve many of their vision-related needs.


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Why are thousands of customers so impressed? As many of us plan our days, weeks and entire coming year, the question of whether our eyes will be healthy enough to see those plans through likely isn’t even a passing thought. For people with macular degeneration and other diseases that cause vision deterioration, a day without squinting is of their greatest wishes.

The 2 Lens Set makes the squinting and struggles to read tiny print a thing of the past, allowing users to read the typeface on coupons, pill prescriptions and the morning paper with perfect clarity. They can organize stamp and coin collections, read maps and inspect and repair electronics and jewelry with ease.

The LED 2 Lens Set includes two easily interchangeable lenses and a simple lens release system, and the handle features built-in, stylish, energy efficient LED lights. Protected in durable ABS plastic casing, the 3.5-inch lens with 5X magnification covers a greater surface area, while the 2-inch lens with 10X magnification brings small details into sharp focus. The magnifier comes with a carry pouch and cleaning cloth to keep the lenses smudge free.

The 2 Lens Set is a helpful tool for those without vision loss as well. The lights are perfect for bedtime reading when the user doesn’t want to wake a partner, or during searches for items in a dark, hard-to-reach places. The two sets of magnification are also useful for parents and teachers inspecting their children for lice.

The numbers don’t lie. The 2 Lens Set boasts over 2,300 customer reviews on Amazon, 94 percent of which are four and five stars.

“This product is head and shoulders above the rest,” “I strongly recommend this item (and company) and I would certainly buy it again with no hesitation,” “I just received this magnifying glass and couldn’t wait to write a review”– these are just a few of the anecdotes customers have left in praise of the 2 Lens Set.

Many reviews highlight the set’s lightweight design, which is easy for senior parents and grandparents to handle and the ability to switch between two lenses, which allows many users with macular degeneration to adjust the magnification as needed.

Happy customers have also expressed their appreciation for iMagniphy’s 100% Lifetime Warranty (which states a product will be replaced, no questions asked for life) and the company’s quick response to any customer questions or concerns about the product.

The New Year will bring a wealth of new opportunities. Created with the best manufacturing methods, strict testing and quality control to ensure it is delivered in perfect condition, the iMagniphy 2 Lens Set will help users discover all the world has to offer in 2019.

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