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Talking about care options with your aging parents can be a difficult subject to bring up. You realize that the time has come because your parents are having problems using the stairs or taking their medication properly. Bringing up the subject of an in home caregiver or a move to a care facility is important and has to be handled tactfully.

What are some signs that your parents may need help with care?

  • They have problems with mobility. This may be one of the first signs. It is also one of the most important. Being able to move around on their own is what keeps seniors independent. If you notice difficulties with managing stairs or walking from room to room, help is needed.
  • They are no longer able to manage daily activities such as bathing and dressing. Are your parents still able to safely cook their meals and do their own laundry? Have they had any falls or accidents in their homes? The ability to handle daily tasks safely is important to their being able to manage on their own.
  • They show a lack of interest in hobbies or social activities. You may notice your parents no longer go out to the movies anymore. They are no longer interested in gardening or reading. This is a sign that their cognitive functioning could be declining. It is important to see a doctor for possible health problems including depression or anxiety. Help in the home may get them interested in doing their favorite things again.

All of us would like to see our parents age well and comfortably. We want their lives to improve, not deteriorate. One way to make this happen is to have a caregiver or in home help with tasks that our loved ones may be finding it difficult to complete. To read the full article on talking to your parents about care options, click here.