The whole landscape for dating has changed a lot over the last number of years due to the advent of the Internet as we all know. Society has changed also and more casual dating relationships are a lot more acceptable which is great once everyone remains cautious and safe. Online dating has most definitely facilitated this and it’s something that can, when used correctly, provide people with companionship and just simply a little bit of fun into their lives. There are many dating websites and apps available and some are more well known than others. Quite often people assume that online dating is only for younger folk but that is simply not the case! Many of these sites facilitate the over 50s and have vibrant communities in that demographic. How nice is it to connect with like minded people in your own age category who just want to create friendships and perhaps more?!

The guys at Carvaka have handily put together this infographic that details some dating apps and websites that they consider as worthwhile for dating possibilities. No matter the age, it’s always important to be safe when interacting online so there is also some useful advice to take into account before you even set up a profile. Check out the full infographic below and get started into a whole new world of dating possibilities!







Dating Apps & Websites for Over 50s



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