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This year Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 19th. This is the day we celebrate and honour our fathers. There are several accounts of how Father’s Day began but most agree it began on June 19, 1910. An earlier celebration was in the middle ages and occurred in March of each year.

Here are some more interesting and fun facts about dads and Father’s Day

  1. One of the fastest growing groups in the U.S. are stay at home dads. They now number over 200,000.
  2. There are also approximately 2 million single fathers in the U.S.
  3. In Thailand, the king’s birthday also serves as National Father’s Day. The celebration includes fireworks and acts of honour and charity, such as giving blood. On this day everyone wears yellow.
  4. The amount spent on Father’s Day, $115 on average, is less than that spent on Mother’s Day.
  5. In Germany, men spend the day at the beer gardens drinking beer.
  6. The most popular gift on Father’s Day is still the necktie. According to a 2010 poll, 80% of fathers wanted quality time with their families on this special day. Dads like baked goods too!
  7. More than 72 million cards are sent every year on Father’s Day.
  8. There are almost 9 million fathers in Canada, including biological, adoptive and stepfathers. 12% of the dads in a two parent family are stay at home dads.
  9. The beaver, Canada’s national symbol, is one of the few male fathers in the animal kingdom that helps to raise his kids, sometimes even as a single dad!







As you can see the role of being a dad has changed a lot over the years and varies from country to country. But no matter which country you live in, fathers are special and deserve their own special day!