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Maintaining healthy brain function becomes more important as we age. We want to stay in shape physically but keeping our smarts is just as important. One way to do this is by playing cards. Always popular and lots of fun, there are many card games available that older adults enjoy.

Card Games

  • Solitaire. Also known as Patience, playing solitaire is one of the most loved card games. Solitaire can be played with a deck of cards or online. There are a multitude of different versions of Solitaire that can be played online – with Solitaired having many of them. All require skill and concentration. Many older adults who are disabled or chronically ill find that playing Solitaire is one way to keep their minds on the present and not on their illness or pain.
  • Bridge. Bridge has been popular for well over a century. It requires 4 people, split into pairs so it is a social game. Players need to use their memory and math which makes Bridge a good game for maintaining cognitive skills. Each game of bridge presents a different challenge.
  • Cribbage. Another popular card game, cribbage has been played in one form or another for centuries. Though it does require a board it is still considered a card game. Cribbage involves strategy so is another good choice for keeping your mind sharp as you get older.







Other popular card games include Crazy Eights, Rummy and Go Fish, not to mention the ever popular game Poker. All games require different skills and provide an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon with friends or in the case of Solitaire, with friends online.

December 28th is National Card Playing Day. Invite family and friends over for a day of card playing and enjoying holiday treats. This is a nice way to spend a day between Christmas and New Year’s. To read more on National Card Playing Day, click here.