9780473237813 My Brother My Enemy
9780473237813 My Brother My Enemy
Adrienne delves into her family history and how they were thrown into private and public turmoil as a feud erupted due to the generosity of her late father. The story tells of the disintegration of the family from the greed of her brother, an ex member of the SAS, who received the MBE in later years for his services to the Police. This autobiography provides a record of first hand experience with the issues of elder abuse, the waste of Police and Social Services resources, misuse of Power of Attorney and matters of how inheritances are handled within families in the aftermath of the loss of a loved one.
“As they say, ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a relative..’ When I worked in Hospice Care, I witnessed more than one shameful scene with relatives standing shouting at each other over the bed of an elderly dying relative, both sides shoving different wills at them to sign. Where large sums of money are involved, it seems that common human decency often flies out the door. As the author points out, there should be more checks and balances set in place to keep the vulnerable elderly safe from people who are just trying to cynically use them” = DK, Amazon
“…very interesting and well written book going into great detail about destructive family relationships and the damage they can cause and leave behind.” Emily, Amazon
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**** Note from Adrienne****
“I was motivated to write this book because I have found myself in a position many families experience following the loss of a loved one, in this case my father, who asked me to keep a secret on his death bed. But of course secrets come out and this eventually led to the battle I fought with my brother, a former British Army Special Services soldier, trained in psychological warfare who went on to act as a mercenary for the Sultan of Oman.  My story canvasses a whole array of issues – allegations of elder abuse, the misuses of powers of attorney, the waste of Police and social welfare agency time and resources and the way in which some members of a family act when inheritances and endowments are involved.  This is a story which is often played out throughout the world with devastating effect.  Although unintended and entirely unforeseen by the benefactor, monetary and property gifts can bring division to even the best of well bonded families. My Brother My Enemy is also a portrayal of the wedge that can be driven through families when money and power take precedence over the common sense and loyalty.  But beyond this personal story of two siblings who became enemies, it should also serve as a timely reminder for those with parents approaching their twilight years or those who know they are nearing the end of their lives.  As this book demonstrates, looking to the police or the courts for salvation is fraught with difficulty and expense.
“While this story is set in the UK the problem has followed me to New Zealand as my brother involved the police and even Interpol, using scare tactics, in an effort to stop me investigating the matter.  I managed to uncover evidence of fraud and possibly criminal action but only hit a brick wall in trying to deal with authorities.”
This is a true story of revenge taken out against not only Adrienne but ten other previous beneficiaries of the victim’s Will.  Adrienne is passionate about her subject and wishes to warn people of dangers lurking when considering making Wills and Powers of Attorney.