SLM Senior Shopping Guide scaled
SLM Senior Shopping Guide scaled

Many of us are not as close to our grandchildren as we would like to be, due to our children living in other areas, yet when Christmas arrives we still like to show our love with gifts. Before buying, check with Mom and Dad to find out what they think would be a good gift for your grandchild. Some children are quiet and have solitary hobbies while others are more interested in noisy, active gifts and gift ideas change as they age.

Before going out and buying a toy or other expensive item, think about giving your grandchildren things like tickets to an event you know they would love or a membership to a sporting club, museum or cultural centre.

What are other good gift ideas?

  • If your grandchild is still a baby, think classic items like rattles, teething rings and stuffed dolls or animals
  • For toddlers, building toys are popular. Blocks and other toys that can be put together are suitable for that age group
  • Preschool children enjoy learning toys, a wagon for outdoors or a wooden train set (not just for boys, girls love them too!)
  • Up to the age of 9 is a good time to look at what interests your grandchild. Gifts could be art or craft supplies, board games or puzzles
  • The 9 to 12 group can be difficult and this is when you should always check with parents to see what would be the best gift for your grandchild. They may have outgrown younger type toys or lost interest in a past hobby
  • Teens and young adults love gift cards and movie tickets are also appreciated at this age. Technology items are popular so look at accessories for them or ve small keepsakes that your grandchild can treasure.

At all ages, books are a good gift, from touchy feely felt books for babies, right up to whatever is popular for any given age group as they get older, depending upon your grandchild’s interest.

Small grandchildren appreciate time with their grandparents and the best gift of all could be the gift of your time. Have your grandchild over for a weekend and spend time with them baking cookies, doing puzzles, reading books and just getting to know each other better. Whichever gift you choose, make it original and send it with a small card expressing your love. Many of us still have the cards that our grandparents once sent to us.

If all else fails, you can visit The list gift ideas by age and give you ideas on the latest and greatest! Happy shopping!