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Father’s Day might have come and gone, but every day is the day dad should think about enhancing the health of every member of the family. This is especially true when the time comes to take a family vacation, with every child on board for the trip.

What Can Disrupt a Family Vacation?

The timeless axiom called Murphy’s Law states “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Although Murphy’s Law was established by an engineer in regards to workplace problems, the principle has special relevance for family vacations.







What can go wrong will go wrong.

Here are a few ways a family vacation can go south:

  • Family member becomes ill
  • Kids throw epic tantrums
  • Family unfriendly lodging
  • Constant arguments
  • Lost child
  • Injury to one or more family members
  • Forget to pack essential gear

Constant arguments can erupt for a number of reasons. There might be an intense debate about where to dine for dinner. You might have to deal with one or more kids dissenting about an activity you have planned for months in advance. Forgetting to make essential gear typically involves leaving behind apparel you need for enjoying certain activities. For example, you might forget to pack a one-piece ski suit for a family skiing vacation. To prevent forgetting about essential gear, create a detailed list of what you need for every activity planned during a family vacation.

Kids are going to be kids, which means you will need to know how to handle unexpected outbursts. Many tantrums thrown by children are the result of fatigue and/or hunger pains. Make sure to allot plenty of time for rest and bring along snacks for each day of the family vacation. Sick or injured children need to be assured that everything will be okay.

Without further ado, let’s review the five tips for surviving a family vacation. More important, the following five tips will allow you to build lasting memories with your children.

Relax with CBD

The health benefits of CBD have been met with intense skepticism by many fathers. The skepticism typically starts with fathers believing CBD has the same psychoactive effects as the psychoactive effects produced by marijuana. As a medicinal tool to alleviate several medical conditions, CBD comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. The Cannabis sativa plant is the same plant used to pull out the resins required to grow both hemp and marijuana.

However, CBD does not contain the psychoactive ingredient called THC. This means kids will not experience the same feeling people feel after smoking pot. In fact, taking CBD pills produces several benefits that will make your family vacation much easier to take. The World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly stated CBD is safe for practically everyone to consume, whether consumption is in oil or pill form. CBD can improve the mood of family members that need a little boost in morale during a family vacation. It also reduces inflammation, lowers chronic pain, and mitigates the painful symptoms triggered by digestive issues.

Resolve all Money Issues Beforehand

Money might not be the root of all evil, but it is certainly can be the root of contention during family vacations. Create a detailed financial plan for the next family vacation long before you back the SUV out of the garage. You need to figure out who is paying for what, as well as determining the costs of renting a vehicle if your trip involves air travel. Use a spreadsheet to list the major expenses and try to calculate the cost of accumulated minor expenses, such as the cumulative costs for food and lodging. If you need to figure out money issues during the next family vacation, use the convenient app provided by Venmo to make the job much easier.

Spend Time Away from the Family

What do you do when you come home after a long and stressful day of work? Chances are you want to unwind before interacting with your loved ones. From meditating at your favorite outdoor place of tranquility to burning off some steam at the gym, unwinding is a vital component for maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Use the same principle for surviving a family vacation.

They say familiarity breeds contempt, so what will spending every last minute with your family on a vacation breed? Plan part of a day for relaxing at a spa or playing 18 holes at a recommended golf course. Maybe you can venture out one night during a family vacation to soak in the ambiance of a rural town or the incredible energy of a bustling major city. Whatever you decide to do does not matter. What matters is making a little time for yourself during the next family vacation.

Electronics are Good

Yes, many fathers encourage their kids to lay off the electronics and try to find enjoyment in other activities. Spending too much time online or playing video games can produce adverse health consequences for children. When it comes to surviving a family vacation, electronic devices can become your best friend. If you plan to spend considerable time traveling by car, giving your kids access to the Internet and a host of video games will prevent the restlessness that eventually lead to tantrums. The same electronic distractions that impede academic achievement are the same electronic distractions that will make surviving a family vacation a reality.

“Yes” is a Better Answer than “No”

At home, you probably say no more than you say yes to the requests made by your children. With a hectic lifestyle and rules established years ago, saying no can become a habit that you need to break when you travel with your family on vacation. When you take a family vacation, you are leaving the comfort zone of home for the unknown called multiple destinations. Not only do you want to open the doors to new things, you want your kids to experience new things as well. Unless a request involves asking to swim in shark-infested water, you should practice saying yes to boost the morale of your children during the next family vacation.

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