Hmmm. You’re in for a real surprise, Boomers & Seniors! Look up the word Senioritis online and here’s what you’ll find:








Really? I don’t remember being infected by this bug back in the 1960’s! Strictly in the interest of intellectual research, of course, take your graduating grandkids out for coffee and a muffin. Make sure you pick up the tab, though! Ask them if they suffer from this disease. Listen closely to their answers, making sure to observe their telling facial expressions. No surprise here. They’ll chuckle and proudly admit to membership in their local Senioritis Bug Club! So why are Boomers & Seniors around the world actually welcoming this affliction? I thought you’d never ask! You see, I discovered the answer first-hand years ago.

In my dictionary, it’s called Senioritis According to Jeff:


The ultimate question is what kind of motivation we’re talking about. Admittedly, I suspect we’re all musing about the same performance! But let’s avoid the embarrassment of admitting it, shall we? Again, I discovered the answer years ago. But this contagious new bug is called Memoiritis.

What the heck is Memoiritis? Simply defined (by me):


Why is that? And, is there a cure?

Thankfully, there is a cure! You see, I’ve actually had the pleasure of teaching classes in memoir writing across the country. I quickly learned that age is no barrier to success. Rather, age fosters our innermost need to create. But why memoirs? Easy. I begin each class by asking my Boomer & Senior students, “What do you hope to gain from this class?” Their answers are remarkably similar, regardless of their geographic location.
Yes, these are powerful motivations for all Baby Boomers & Senior Citizens. It has nothing to do with money, either. It’s all about the need to create our lasting legacy. For our kids. Grandkids. And future progeny. You may not know it now, but they’ll thank you later. Trust me on this one. To conclude this article, the cure lies in the realization that there is a method to the madness of memoir writing. Good news, too! It’s a lot easier than you might have thought. You’ll see. And me? I’ve been a Boomer/Senior for longer than I care to admit! No job. No schedule. No demands. But time for reflection, meditation, and introspection. We Boomers & Seniors are entering uncharted territory, still relevant with so much knowledge and life experience to contribute, eager to leave a footprint to validate our presence on our beautiful earth.


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