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So the market is hot and you decide to sell your house —and found the perfect place to call home.  Only one problem?  How do I declutter all this stuff.







Here are five tips for decluttering before a move that’ll make for a seamless transition.

Get a little help from your friends

One of the most powerful reasons we hang onto stuff we don’t use anymore is just plain habit.  Having a friend who can help you let go of those assumptions—but I need this!—out of our heads can be an easy way to see that we’ve grown past those habits.  Friends can be firm and act as a sounding board can make decluttering much more fun.

So if you’re still hanging on to a dress that doesn’t fit, or you have a whole collection of clothes that you’ve outgrown years ago – consider throwing a closet shopping party with your friends.  Odds are you know someone who’s just that size, and who’d love that barely-used dress.

Use it or lose it

Often, the extra weight we haul around from move to move is very obvious when you’re downsizing into a smaller home.  It’s hiding in cupboards, closets, and storage containers.  Take a good look at all the things you haven’t really used in your current home.  If you have three sets of cookware, but you never entertain, consider donating or passing on two sets that are gathering dust.  If you haven’t used it in a couple of years, and it’s not a specific or seasonal item, it’s probably a good candidate for recycling or passing on to a new home.

Ditch that last box

Who doesn’t have a box that’s still packed from your last move.  The one that just somehow never got opened or unpacked, and now it’s time to pack everything up for the next move.

It clearly wasn’t that important if it has not been opened, and you haven’t missed it for at least a year of your life.  Unless it’s heirloom china, it’s time to find that box a new home: in someone else’s home, a donation to a charity, or on Kijiji.

File it, scan it—or shred it

Digital files don’t take up space, but papers do.  If you’re worried about a pile of paper—but don’t want to throw any of those old bills or documents out—take an afternoon and scan all that paper.

One afternoon with a scanner and a shredder will almost certainly save you a box or four come Moving Day.

Get in touch with your charitable side

If you are feeling comfortable when it comes to your cash flow and  you don’t have time to beat the streets, there are lots of charitable organizations that have a constant need for everyday household items, and would love to make your move easier and lighter.

Another upside: If you’ve got enough to donate, several charities will pick up at your door—making decluttering and moving even easier!

Moving is a great time to declutter and send those unneeded items off into the world , and you’ll face Moving Day feeling  organized and streamlined—and ready to go!

The more you declutter, the less you’ll pack—and unpack on the other end—and there’s no greater feeling than settling into your new home with the feeling of a fresh start.