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Quite a few of us at one time or another find we just need a bit more space for now. You know you may need Short term storage when: 

  1. When staging a home it is often advisable to remove excess furniture. A storage locker is an option many people use.
  2. When someone is moving to a smaller unit in an apartment or retirement residence and are on a waiting list for a larger unit, a storage locker is a good choice.
  3. There are times when family members live out of town and can’t get to a home before it is sold. Parents often put things in a locker so loved ones can look, make choices  and  pick them up at a convenient time.
  4. When there is a short time line to get a home emptied  and time is needed to make decisions, we often  put some things in storage. If you get rid of something you can’t get it back but if you store it for a short time you can still get rid of it.
  5. When a move is imminent and there are multitudes of papers that need to be looked at, sorted or shredded, temporary storage takes some pressure off.
  6. In the winter, access to country properties and cottages can be limited. People store items so they can be delivered at a more accessible time.
  7. Often when people are moving to a new home , condo or retirement residence the “promised” occupancy date is changed. Their residence is sold (or rented) and they need to store their belongings  until they can move into their new home.
  8. People are determined to organize a garage or content  sale but the timing is poor so they store items for a better time.
  9. When seniors  move to a small apartment or a retirement residence they will rent a small locker for out of season clothing, sports equipment (golf clubs, skis) and patio furniture.
  10. Adult children will rent a storage locker to placate mom and “keep” the old dining room set and china which they really don’t want.
  11. Seniors have rented lockers to store their “treasured collectibles” (books, trains, china..) that they don’t have room for but aren’t ready to get rid of.
  12. Retired people sometimes run a small business from their apartment or condo and use a locker to keep needed supplies.

Take a look at your storage unit once in a while or have someone take you there. It is meant to be short term not long term:

One of our clients had four 10X10 lockers. One of them had been rented for 10  years at a cost of $200 a month. ($24,000)!  When we worked with her, opening every single box and carefully examining each item, most items went to LANDFILL.