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So we all agree that as we age we would much prefer to stay in our own homes. Right? Seniors staying at home longer is the answer.

We recently published an article on just that

Anything to keep us out of nursing homes, long term care facilities, assisted living, whatever people are calling them these days. Let seniors stay home.

We have also talked to the expense of seniors going in to home as well. So let’s stay at home!

5 Reasons To Talk About the Expense of Senior Living Homes

So if we have the medical support, virtual or otherwise. Physical support from in home care. Social support by having access to seniors’ groups AND our home is adapted to accommodate our physical need changes…why not stay at home?

Beats sending us to homes we don’t want to be in, right? And we know spaces in certain homes are at a premium so why not let us stay at home longer!

In the past it was not-for-profit groups that perhaps provided these services. Now seems the world may be open to ‘for profit groups’ to step in and help. So I say, why not? I don’t really care who or why I have the option. I just want options. As an aging senior in North America, I just want to stay at home for as long as possible. Don’t you?

Offering seniors options and multiple options like staying on top of bills, having in home care and of course all the pieces required to keep their home intact is a wonderful dream. There are companies that can now offer these services, to help make the dream of staying at home a reality.

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  1. Fantastic article of what I’ve be doing for fifteen of my twenty three years as a Family Preservation Specialist and Transition Care Manager at D.E.W. Consulting Solutions. Many times, my families think is more cost effective to go to SNF or Assisted Living.
    However, there are a lot of different scenarios I’ve had to work with. If Adult Protective Services is involved, clients not eligible for medicaid, food stamps. It could be as little as $15 per month. I have many challenges that I’ve had to work through. At the end of the day, it was much more cost effective for my clients to age as happy as possible at home.


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