Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Shares Tips on If Your Senior needs in home care scaled

As family and caregivers sometimes it is hard to know if your senior or older adult needs some kind of in home care. They may say everything is fine but how do you really know if you don’t actually live with them? We have also shared some stories about lack of senior in home care which may make some of us hesitate. It can be difficult to determine and decide if home care is needed or something more. So how do you know if you should be considering in home care?

Things to look for

In general, there are personal hygiene issues that may start to surface. For example, cleanliness and tidiness of ourselves and our home. Sometimes as we age, we don’t feel like looking after ourselves the same way. Or find it more challenging. Same with our home. Other times if our senses are deteriorating, we don’t realize that we aren’t as clean as we should be or perhaps the house isn’t looking or smelling too clean.

Have there been any accidents in the home? Trips, falls, broken objects etc. This could be an indicator that the home needs some safety considerations or there are some physical issues including mobility. Both should be looked at.

Is our day to day mindfulness disappearing? Are we remembering how to do day-to-day activities i.e. cooking, taking medications, personal hygiene, watering plants etc. Do we get to our appointments on time or forget them all together? What about areas of interest? Are we remembering the social events and groups we have always belonged to or not bothering to go?

If you think that you or your senior may be in need of in home support, remember it’s okay. The first thing to do is acknowledgement what kind of help is needed, then talk as a family on how to get the in home care required.

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