Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Senior Couple Talking To Financial Planner
Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Senior Couple Talking To Financial Planner

Figuring out what government resources and options there are available can be overwhelming to say the least. Some often very confusing and many unknown to seniors and their caregivers.

If you aren’t sure, contact the Government of Canada at Toll-Free: 1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232)

The good news for Canadian seniors, is there are many online resources available that refer to the options the government many have and they are worth reviewing.

Some are specific to the province you live in however, we thought we would share some key links based on what our readers are asking about.

Rest assured, the government has created some online resources to help our seniors have access to key information and know about the financial benefits available to them.

Some benefits are related to disabilities, some to homeowners, some to survivors, and so on.

Here are a few links that provide government specific information for Canadian seniors.

Tax information

Overall contact information for government agencies for all provinces including long term care, benefits, provincial drug plans, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Property Taxes  Allowance Program, Community Care Access, Seniors Homeowners Property Tax Grant  etc.

Benefits Information

Note: You will need to enter some information around province, age etc. to get specific information.

Specific to Ontario here is some related to pension and provincial tax information:

Ask your accountant or financial advisor about these government options and ensure that any you are eligible for are being claimed on your income tax returns. Better to be aware and ask, who knows what you benefits may come your way!

We will talk about more government benefits including other countries in future articles as well.