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On-Demand services have been around for awhile, in one form or another. Adjusting these services and improving them so they can benefit seniors is a newer idea. It is one that is still growing. Many of the present on-demand services were originally aimed at younger people. They tended to be apps that could help with almost anything, from scheduling a home doctor’s visit to having freshly prepared food delivered to your door. Now there are many services available that help seniors who have limited mobility or are disabled.

What are some on-demand services that work well for seniors?

Ride services.

In many areas seniors have a difficult time getting around, particularly to medical appointments. If the appointment is out of town in a larger center, it’s even more crucial that they be there. It is also more difficult to get to these medical appointments  without someone to drive them. Seniors also use ride services for other appointments such as those with the dentist and the optometrist. Some towns have seniors- only bus services to take the elderly shopping. These are most often to the grocery store.

Home delivery services.

While many items can be ordered online and delivered directly to your door, seniors are most interested in grocery delivery. Many would love to have the option to shop for their groceries online and then have them brought to the door. This is one area that is starting to grow.  Delivery of groceries is popular, but also deliveries for prescriptions, library books and many other items.

As we age, we are looking for more convenient options that will help us to stay in our homes. Information about senior health and well-being, living options and other ideas to make our life easier are always welcome. To read more about on-demand services for seniors, click here.