Senior Travel

Sunsets, beaches, towers, mountains…where would you like to go?

No matter how old we get…most of us LOVE travel. And if for some reason we can’t travel much anymore, we enjoy hearing travel stories and seeing pictures.

Do you have a travel story to tell? Do you know a great place for seniors to travel to?

Where was your best vacation and why? We want to know!

Watch for future articles with travel suggestions for seniors and more!

Still a very hot summer and we have previously provided a couple of great articles on safe travel for seniors, senior care as well as staying cool! Despite the heat and humidity North America has been experiencing, don't let the...
Senior Travel Considerations Just like anyone else seniors need to take special care when travelling. Senior travel is truly important whether a day trip or a long haul here are some things to consider and plan for to make travelling...
We all need a break from our regular routine from time to time. That includes seniors and caregivers! With summer here many of us are talking about vacation plans. Senior travel is a very important aspect for senior's overall...
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