SLM Talks To China Crisis On Senior Housing scaled

Senior housing issues including assisted-living homes being scarce, is not just in North America but is world-wide. China in particular is facing this reality. It makes sense knowing the high population in China. The other dynamic is that many families are strained by distance…senior parents in China and adult children in North America. So this is a great example of caregiving at a distance.

The decisions that need to be made when a family is faced with that need to have a loved one placed in a facility is overwhelming but also frustrating to learn of the wait time and the cost. The ever-growing statistics regarding Alzheimer’s and Dementia has governments straining in their health care budgeting.

Families and loved ones are feeling helpless and discouraged. Senior housing is a big concern no matter where you live. The economic status in China has only the rich being able to afford care for their elderly family members. There is no state support for needed medications. It is only this year that staff in senior care facilities have begun training on dealing with dementia. The country’s mental health service resources are very insufficient. Yet they may have family members abroad who want to help but aren’t sure how with such a distance.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia are world-wide diseases, plaguing our elderly loved ones. Some countries are fairing better than others. Understanding the diseases and learning about what resources are available to you is the best place to start to get you on the right path with helping your loved ones.