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The Art of Downsizing

Three unforgettable seniors who set out to downsize their homes learn what it means to let go in order to move on.

Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Talks To The Art Of Downsizing


At a time of unprecedented demographic change The Art of Downsizing follows three
unforgettable seniors at the crossroads of their lives. Barb, Bill and Kathleen navigate the
delicate and sometimes excruciating decisions involved in relinquishing a lifetime of belongings.

As they face the nostalgia of the past and embrace the need for a fresh start and preservation of independence, we are offered an intimate look at what it means to let go in order to move on.


What do you do when you reach a certain age and your home no longer meets your needs? The Art of Downsizing takes a deep dive into the rocky terrain of downsizing, highlighting the excruciating decisions involved in navigating one of the least talked-about yet most significant transitions any of us will ever make. Skillfully captured by award-winning filmmaker Geeta Sondhi, we follow three unforgettable characters at the crossroads of their lives. Barb is 79, Bill, 62 and Kathleen, who struts into a party like Beyonce at the Super Bowl, turns 90 years young before our very eyes. But early facades soon break down. Stories unfold and merge. Moments of extreme vulnerability rub up against unexpected feats of courage in the struggle to say goodbye to the final proof of times gone by. The Art of Downsizing is about the ties that bind. It’s about the love of life, of friends and of family.

The Art of Downsizing is about those pioneering souls who take the risk of trading in the emblems of their past for a fresh start and the preservation of their independence as far into the future as they can see.

The Art of Downsizing will have its broadcast premiere on CBC Docs POV, March 8 at 9:00 PM ET.