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Who said looking beautiful and flawless is just restricted to women? Not only men but women are also as much concerned for appearance of a man. No, women don’t want you to do fancy things but they want you to keep yourself up. Trust me, if you do that many girls would love to date you.







Well, guys are often embarrassed and confused about how they should groom themselves up. So, we have rounded up 5 super tips that will definitely help them to look their best.

Treat rough and dry skin:

Women may love ‘tough’ looks but that certainly doesn’t mean that you don’t have to moisturise your skin well. You need to keep your skin soft as much as women do. That won’t make you less manly, trust me! Just use a few drops of something like jojoba or coconut oil at the place which you feel is dry.

To breathe new life into your skin, you need to get rid of the old skin cells first. You can either blend some baking soda to your cleanser which will help your skin to be supple and soft. If you want to rather go for something cream based, go for creams which are specially formulated for men.

Mend dry lips:

Between grooming yourselves up and striving to look better with every passing day, what often takes a back seat from our routine is to treat harsh and chapped lips. If you want to love your partner in a better manner, you cannot miss on moisturising your lips for sure.

One product that you can totally swear by to keep your lips supple and soft is argan oil. It is highly moisturising and can heal any type of chapped, dry or burnt skin. You can simply apply it on your lips or blend some in your shower gel.

A main reason behind dry skin is dehydration. Drink ample of water everyday. Eat good amount of vitamins especially A and E. Include seeds, juices, fruits and green veggies in your diet. You will gradually begin to see the change in you.

Whiten your teeth:

A wide smile with yellow teeth? Nah! You may not realise it but women notice little things in a man and one such thing is white teeth. Yes, girls are very conscious about all this. Refrain from drinking coffee and black tea as they can cause yellowing of your teeth.

Strawberries have proved to cause discoloration of your teeth in an easy way as it contains malic acid. All you have to do is add some baking soda in the strawberry pulp and intermix them well. Apply this mixture on your teeth using a toothbrush, let it stay for about 5 minutes and rinse it off. Doing this will help you to gradually see the change.

You can also simply use a whitening toothpaste for the same.

Reducing wrinkles:

Manliness is not linked to rugged or wrinkled skin. Girls love it when men take good care of their skin. Make sure that your skin remains moisturised and exfoliated if you want to get rid of wrinkles.

Avoid eating food items like meat or any other dairy products. Cut back on black tea and coffee as they can cause dehydration. Refrain from consuming fried foods and other sugars or unnatural sweeteners.

Rather go for tons of vegetables and fruits that can keep you hydrated. Eat cannabis as it is a good source of Vitamins A and C which helps in minimising wrinkles and also removing any other germs from the body.

Weight loss with alkaline diet:

To shed off a few pounds, you have to provide your body with the best foods that can help to remove germs or any other toxins out of the body. If you don’t keep a check on your diet, you may end up feeling bloated.

Eat beneficial, cleansing and whole food items in your diet. Include food items like fruits, green vegetables, grains like millet and quinoa, sprouts and non-starchy vegetables.

There are other things too that you certainly have to take care of like bad breath, foul odour and so on.

Guys, we hope that these tips help you to keep yourself up. And don’t think that this will make you less manly. They will in fact help you elevate your looks and hygiene.