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Older people are a lot less active than younger people, but studies have shown there are negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, no matter our age. This is why we should encourage seniors to have a more active and engaged lifestyle. Below are a few tips that could help.

Start with Simple Things

If a senior has been inactive for some time, it is a bad idea to stress their body too much. This is why you should start with simple things. Encourage them to take a walk with you. This is a very good way to exercise while reducing the stress of being in a home or house alone.








If they are immobile and need to go outside, you could get them a mobility scooter. This way, they get to go out with you. A good place to find one is on Ewheels. EWheels manufactures quality mobility scooters and they have lots of models that you can choose from.

Another thing you could try is to encourage them to join a senior fitness program. Most senior centers and parks offer some form of exercise for seniors. If they are unwilling to join, you could pay for one month so they get started. A fitness center like this could also be a good place to get to meet other seniors.

Do What They Used to Love with Them

Older people tend to let go of their hobbies and things that used to make them happy. A good way of getting seniors engaged is to do these things with them. If your mom loved trying new recipes, you could find one and cook together. If your dad used to love fishing, you should encourage him to go fishing with you.

Teach Them to Use a Smartphone

Most senior people want to be connected to their families and loved ones in a world that is getting increasingly disconnected. With the use of free apps and a smartphone, you can encourage a senior to be more engaged and active socially. You could teach them how to use messaging apps or even how to make a video call. This way, they get to talk and see their family and friends no matter where they may be.

Take Them Out

The internet is a wonderful place to find somewhere to go with your loved one. You could also find some clubs that they could enjoy and encourage them to join those. Try to find groups, clubs, and places that would genuinely interest them.

Get Them into a Senior Community

Senior communities give seniors a connected, active and healthy lifestyle. Even if your loved one is safe at home, they could be missing out on the wellness options that most senior resident homes offer. Most of these residences offer activities and events that seniors can attend and encourage friendships.

Making the Transition

While you may want your loved one to make the transition to a more engaged and active life, the change has to be gradual. Making the transmission too quickly could make them change their minds. Also, start by asking them what they like. This is so that if you make any arrangements, you make them with their needs and likes in mind. Making plans that they are not, or would not be interested in, is a bad idea.

Seniors can feel isolated, especially if they do not live with their families. Because of this, they may become disengaged from everything. It is always a good idea to encourage seniors to be more active and engaged. This will make them feel better and when they make new friends, they will have a few people that they could talk to.