Happy and healthy scaled

Now the title of this article is a loaded sentence! What does feeling happy & healthy really me? What does it mean to you? It is suggested that with the way the younger generation thinks of senior happiness and senior living, that they can’t appreciate if a senior is actually happy and healthy. In fact, some can’t even comprehend life as a senior. To them I say….just wait! To my fellow seniors…what do you think?

What does happy look like?

I think ‘happy’ means having a healthy outlook on life and my life as I live it now. Knowing it changes all the time, from one decade to another, from one relationship to another. But it is my outlook that defines me and how I think….so I choose to be happy despite the challenges of aging, physically, emotionally and socially.

What does healthy look like?

This is an interesting one, too! Healthy includes physical, mental, emotional and financial. Yes, financial health. This is often a challenging health aspect for many seniors….but financial stress can be deadly. Let’s be honest and real. It is quite disappointing how sad many seniors become because their financial health has defined them. I don’t blame them at all.

Then talk about the physical constraints we start experiencing ‘as life goes on’ some quite debilitating. From minor aches and pains to more predominant issues that impact mobility, freedom and just day to day activities.

Often when seniors don’t feel well physically and/or financially they become mentally unhealthy. So a real catch 22!

But you know what, understanding what you are feeling emotionally, physically or financially is half the battle. Appreciating that others feel the same way or are in the same situation and truly believing that you still have a purpose and are needed is critical along with…you are not alone!

So back to the original question…do you feel happy and healthy?

If you answered, yes…great, awesome we are so glad to hear that.

If you answered no, or you aren’t sure…..go spend time with someone 10 years older than you or more. Watch them. Talk to them…..learn….then let us know how what your experience was like. I bet you find out some new stuff. Such as….the simple things in life mean a whole lot. Or maybe, your ache and pain, isn’t so bad. Or maybe the insights that older person has puts things into perspective for you….OR…it could always be worse!

Senior happiness is very important!

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