healthy aging scaled
healthy aging scaled

It’s never too late to start taking better care of yourself. Nor is it too late to become the person you really want to be. Many older adults feel it’s too late to change. They’re stuck in a rut, doing the same things every day. They may be bored and lack the energy to look into new interests. September is Healthy Aging Month. What better time to take stock of your life and make a few changes?

Tips for Healthy Aging

  • Stay positive. Try to maintain an upbeat attitude. Avoid complainers and whiners if you can. Cut the conversation short when negative topics are brought up. Keep your news watching to a minimum. There is far too much information and news out there and most of it is depressing.
  • Hold old do you feel? If you didn’t know your real age, how old would you think you were? Most of us would give an answer that is far younger than our biological age. Keep this in mind instead of worrying about how old you are. It’s much healthier for you and helps you to be happier.
  • Do something creative. There are so many choices available now. Adult coloring books, adult paint by number kits. Did you used to play an instrument? Think about taking it up again and bringing more music into your life. Music is known to increase the health of your brain.
  • Start walking. This is something we promise ourselves we’ll do more of but keep putting off. Start small. Take a 5 minute walk before breakfast. Increase it a little each week and you’ll find that it becomes a habit. Don’t like walking alone? Look for a walking buddy or take a neighbour’s dog for a walk.

Think of Healthy Aging Month as the time to spread your wings a little and start finding new interests. Hobbies are one of the healthiest ways we can spend our time. To read more tips for healthy aging, click here.