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This June marks the 33rd anniversary of Seniors Month in Ontario. This year’s theme is “Living Your Best Life”. Seniors Month is a province wide celebration so let’s talk more about it. Because the knowledge and experience that seniors pass on to us is invaluable, it’s important to show recognition. Seniors are also recognized with two awards which are; the Ontario Senior of the Year Award and the Ontario Senior Achievement Award.

Anyone can put forth a nominee for the Ontario Senior Achievement award. It is given to someone who has contributed to many different areas. These areas can include the arts, education, the environment and volunteering. The Ontario Senior of the Year award is awarded by a municipality for the same contributions.

Seniors have contributed in many ways to their communities.


  • Serve as leaders, mentors and volunteers.
  • Add life and vibrancy to any community.
  • Contribute to the economic well-being of the country.
  • Provide wisdom and experience.

Their contributions should be appreciated and recognized.

The well-being and health of all seniors further adds to the community. Throughout the next few months communities across Ontario will hold award ceremonies. Seniors will also be able to attend events to recognize themselves and help them celebrate. Information sessions and socials will be held in towns and cities across the province. Seniors Month celebrates seniors! It also celebrates community spirit and seniors’ ability to support one another. Seniors realize that we learn from each other in many ways. And regardless of age, we know that community support is important for everyone’s health and well-being.

So find out about celebrations in your community this June and celebrate! Also nominate a senior for the Ontario Senior Achievement award. If you are unaware of celebrations in your area, contact your local municipality office or city hall. For more information on Seniors Day, click here.