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There is lots of information and advice for seniors on how they can help in their community by spending their time volunteering. But how can you volunteer your time and spend it with seniors? Being a volunteer with seniors can be a rewarding experience!

Here are some ideas on how you can help a senior, from spending time with them to teaching them new skills. Look around your own neighborhood. In many cases you’ll find a senior in need. You can help them with so many things.

How to Help A Senior:

• Offer to rake their leaves in the fall. Shoveling their snow in winter can be a big help. Weeding the garden in spring and summer will let them enjoy the beauty even more.
• If you are making a quick trip to the store, ask them if they would like you to pick up something for them while you are there.
• Spend time with them. Many seniors can’t get out and about as much as they would like. Your companionship could be the greatest gift of all. While you’re there, ask them what they need or if there is any way you could be of help to them.
• Seniors love to learn. They also love to teach. Compare your favorite recipes or bake cookies together. Many seniors have recipes that have been handed down over the generations. You could learn something new!
• Many communities have organizations you can join that enable you to be a visiting companion at hospitals and long-term care homes. Members of these organizations have repeatedly stated that this is one thing that brings them continued happiness. In a majority of areas, they are also allowed to bring pets in for visits with the seniors.
• Contact local senior residences directly to find out if they have a volunteer program available. You have more skills than you think and many volunteers run activity and crafts programs at their local senior home.
• Help out local seniors with assistance for medical appointments and shopping. Many like to get out but still need that little bit of help with carrying things and getting back and forth.
• Become a library volunteer for seniors. Though many seniors now use electronic reading devices, they still appreciate real books and most libraries will work with you in order to help you get books to the elderly.

Take a look around your neighborhood and your community. There are many opportunities to help seniors, some not always obvious. By volunteering with seniors you not only grow as a person but you help someone else at the same time.