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August is Medic Alert Awareness Month, dedicated toward educating the public on the needs and uses of Medic Alert ID’s. For more than 50 years, the Medic Alert foundation has worked to protect the health of its members all over the world. The foundation ensures that their members receive timely medical treatment when an emergency occurs.







Though it has been around for a long time, many don’t know what Medic Alert ID’s are for. Unless you or a family member wear one of these identification bracelets or necklaces, you are likely to remain in the dark about the reason that so many people use them.

What is a Medic Alert ID used for?

  • To provide quick recognition of any medical conditions you may have. This includes allergies, medications you take and treatments that you have agreed to.
  • Your ID is there if you are unresponsive. Medical personnel will be able to access your information quickly.
  • Medic Alert ID’s can help prevent errors in the case of an emergency. If there are certain medications you can’t take, responding personnel will know this.
  • For anyone with a chronic or disabling medical condition, a Medic Alert ID can be a lifesaver. Should you be in an accident or have a medical emergency while out in public, personnel will be immediately available.

Medic Alert began more than 50 years ago in Turlock, California. Dr. Marion Collins and his family invested the time and money to begin providing life saving services to those throughout the world. About 1 in 5 Americans have diabetes and more than 15 million have food allergies. Many of those with these conditions wear Medic Alert ID’s. The ID’s are also worn by thousands more with seizure disorders, impaired eyesight, hearing loss and heart disease.

This August, many communities will be holding charity fundraisers and walks to provide funds for a variety of conditions. Among these will be fundraisers to provide Medic Alert ID’s to many who are ill. Medic Alert can always use any help, so volunteer if you are able.