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To maintain a good quality of life as you age you have to stay physically fit. The more you are in shape the easier it is for you to live independently. Most seniors hate to rely on others for help with their daily tasks. The more you move around now the better able you’ll be able to move as you get older. Staying active can also lower your risk of heart disease, control diabetes and help you maintain a healthy weight. Even for those with chronic conditions, the more they are able to take part in some form of physical activity, the healthier they will stay.







There are many ways to stay active as you age. You don’t have to go to a gym or do high impact exercises. Staying healthy can start with small steps.

Any of the following can help you become more physically active:

  • Start with walking. Even if you have mobility problems, walking just a small amount is better than not moving at all. Start within your house. Gradually move up to walking to the corner of your block and back. Most of all, the more you move, the more you will build up stamina and strength.
  • Try gardening. For those in apartments, container or herb gardening is perfect. Small plants can be kept on a balcony. Many herbs can be grown indoors right through the winter. Learn more about what will grow well in your area.
  • Look for senior swimming classes. Water aerobics can be a gentle way to get exercise without putting too much strain on your body. Ask at your seniors center or local YMCA to see which classes are offered, as well as which would probably be best suited for you.

Finally, any amount of physical activity will benefit your health and improve your life. Physical activity not only strengthens the body but it also strengthens the mind. To read more on ways to help seniors stay active, click here.