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Although retirement doesn’t tend to be linked with boosting your fitness and activity levels, remaining in good health is crucial. With the newfound freedom and spare time on your hands, embracing an active lifestyle after you have retired can give you a new lease of life and purpose. If you’re not ready to take a step back and relax, here are five lifestyle suggestions for new retirees.

Find a New Hobby

With the 9-5 way of life out the window, retirees have tons of free time on their hands. If you’re wondering what to do, retirement can be the perfect opportunity to try out new hobbies. Whether you’ve always wanted to try out a yoga class, or you enjoy painting, there are lots of hobbies that you can immerse yourself in. Dipping your toes into a variety of activities means you’re bound to find a hobby that you are passionate about.

Revisit Old Hobbies

While it’s great to try out new things, if you prefer to stick to what you know, revisiting old hobbies that you once loved and enjoyed is another great lifestyle choice for retirees. Maybe you have always enjoyed sewing, or maybe you have always loved to paint but never had the time.  Retirement is the perfect opportunity to take your hobby to the next level!

Sign Up for a Class

There is a wide selection of exercise classes available to pick from these days. If you’re passionate about health and fitness and want to stay active, signing up for a class at your local gym can be a great way to boost stamina, increase energy and keep you motivated. Plus, you will have the chance to meet new people, which can be a great way to boost your social life. Whether you’re a fan of gentle yoga classes, or want something more high energy like boxercise, many gyms have lots of facilities specifically tailored towards retirees.

Try a Walking Group

There are lots of health benefits to be gained from being in the great outdoors. As a retiree, you may not like the idea of being cooped up inside all day, every day, so if you’re able to, getting out in the fresh air and going for a walk can boost your mental health. If you would prefer to be around others, why not join a walking group? There are thousands of walking groups around the country that you can sign up to which can be another good opportunity to make new friends. Before signing up, make sure your research into the level of difficulty and how long the walks are so you can find a group that caters to your needs.

Get into a Routine

While there are so many fun things you can do as a retiree, it’s important that you create a routine from the get-go. Unlike having to wake up to go to work, you will have lots of free time to do as you please. To keep your mental and physical wellbeing in check, eat a balanced diet, reach out regularly to family and friends, and also establish a sleep routine. If you struggle to get enough sleep, you may want to purchase a new mattress that suits your needs better than your current one does. Zoma Sleep is a good place to look.  You can see their specials to find one that suits your back and your budget.

Although kicking back and relaxing may be the first things that spring to mind upon retirement, it’s important to think about your physical and mental health too.  Keep the above ideas in mind.