It may seem hard to believe right now but whatever part of the world you’re in, Spring IS coming… really, it is – we promise. Some of you are probably already seeing signs of the early blooming varietals while others are nurturing tender shoots in makeshift greenhouses in kitchens, covered back porches or on protected balconies. The sun is definitely setting a little later each night and so for many, thoughts turn to gardening and a full three seasons of enjoyment ahead. If you’re over 50 however – you might also be thinking about aching joints, knees you can’t kneel on and a back that won’t cooperate when it comes to picky pesky dandelions. Amintro has you covered. In addition to Amintro helping grown ups make new friends – today’s tips will help you have a great looking garden for when you invite them over!

What’s Different?

Gardening means different things to different people and we plan to blog this month about all types of gardens, from Zen to container to visiting beautiful botanical gardens. Stay tuned for each of those but today, we’re considering gardening tips for those still living in the family home with a large garden. Chances are you can’t (or shouldn’t) lift quite as much as you used to, or bend, kneel down and stand back up quite so quickly. What to do?

Physically can’t do it?

Plant more perennials. Perennials naturally spread, bloom at different times throughout the spring and summer and many require little or no maintenance but look good all summer long.

Large property?

Still love your half acre lot but cutting and trimming can take a whole day and knock you out? Consider a riding lawnmower and think about edging or borders that help contain the garden. Minimize the amount of grass you have to cut by creating “destinations” throughout the property – an arbor here, a small seating area there, a perennial flower bed under a tree where the grass is hard to grow anyway.

Lighten the load:

Working with a wheelbarrow, make your loads lighter. It might mean more frequent trips but they won’t be nearly as burdensome. It’s good exercise without the possible back injury!

Invest in longer tools:

Bending and kneeling get harder with age no matter what shape you’re in. Many hardware stores have a wide variety of long handled tools for just about any function including hoeing, weeding and trimming. Many of these same tools are also made of lightweight materials and have soft, flexible grip handles making them more comfortable if you are experiencing mild arthritis or something like carpal tunnel syndrome. Knee pads and garden mats can also make the job more comfortable.

Take a break:

Sit down, take a time out in the shade and drink some lemonade. Your grass doesn’t grow in a day nor do you need to fix your whole garden all in one day. You’re at an age now where you should be able to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

What’s the same?

Fresh Air:

It’s good for the heart, it’s good for the soul and no matter where you’re located, this particular winter has seemed longer than ever. It’s time get outdoors and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

A love of gardening:

Whether it’s a large garden, a little patch of paradise or a container garden on a small patio or balcony – just because you’re older doesn’t mean giving up your love of all things green. In upcoming blogs we’ll look at container gardens, Zen gardens and we’ll even be looking at a Top Ten list of the world’s most beautiful Botanical Gardens. In between all that plant nurturing you can plan a trip away with a new friend you met the Amintro way!

Join a club:

Many communities have a local horticultural society where like-minded folks can gather to trade secrets, cuttings and top tips and tools relevant to your climate zone. Even if you’ve cut back a bit on your own gardening – it’s still a great way to meet people who share a common interest!

The short message here is don’t give up on gardening! Look for “workarounds” when you’re physically getting tired and plan for more breaks to enjoy your work but don’t ever stop doing the things you love most. If you’re looking for someone to share your passion for plants – you just might find them at Amintro, the new way to make friends – an easy to use app for those who are 50+. It’s free – click here and join today!