LGBTQ scaled
LGBTQ scaled

On a daily basis we talk about all sorts of life issues from health & being, travel, support articles, financial, legal, general information sharing, stories and so on.


We have ‘stretched’ a bit when we have talked about topics that some would say are controversial i.e. sexprison, suicide and more.

Now this one. But why not? LGBTQ is an open topic in many forums and seniors and their caregivers should be aware of the concerns.


Did you know? 

There are an estimated 3 million LGBTQ individuals living in the U.S. that are over 55 years old.

As the world becomes more comfortable talking about it, this number is expected to double and this is in the US alone. So the number world wide is and will be significantly higher.

Some of those individuals, are in fear of being denied medical care, assisted living care and even more as they age. Many fear their own families won’t help or support them. I would guess many suffer from loneliness because of this while others have not.

It is sad enough that anyone would feel this way, but imagine this fear as you are getting older and know that you will likely, at some point need care and support?

While there are facilities available specific to the LGBTQ community, there are not enough for seniors in general let alone the millions that fall into this category.  So we must be aware and plan.

We believe that Getting Older is Getting Better and that can only happen if people are informed and are aware of their options.

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