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bigstock Healthcare Word Cloud Concept 29451215 scaled

Apparently, according to a new study, Canada’s health care system isn’t doing as well as it once did. In a new ranking of developed countries it is only better than the health care in France and that of the U.S., which ranks at the very bottom of the list. All of these studies should be taken with a grain of salt because you have to look at who has done the study. This study was done by a New York based private research foundation called the Commonwealth Fund. According to the report done by this research foundation, Canada has a failing grade in their infant mortality rate, the prevalence of certain chronic conditions and long wait times in emergency rooms. They also state there is a lack of after-hours care as well as coverage for dental work and prescription medication.

While Canada’s health care system may not be as all encompassing as it once was, it is still excellent in many ways:

  • Canadians are automatically covered by health care from the day they are born.
  • Everyone is on the same system, both rich and poor. That’s not to say that the rich can’t find other means for additional health coverage but through our health care system, we are all equal.
  • You won’t see a bill because you went to the doctors or to the hospital. You also won’t hear about citizens going broke because they can’t pay for the health care they have received.
  • Access to health care is easy and the services are equal. Though the citizens in more remote areas may have to travel to see specialists, the opportunity is still there.







Many of us in Canada often complain about health care. Non emergency wait times can be lengthy. Priority cases, life threatening situations and emergencies always come first. At the moment, wait times for certain surgeries or to see specialists are the biggest concern. There is also what many consider to be a mental health emergency. There aren’t enough mental health specialists for the number of patients who need to be seen. To read Dr. Chris Simpson’s take on Canada’s health care system, click here.