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Originating hundreds of years ago in the 4th century, at one time Valentine’s Day had a darker connotation. It later evolved to honor at least one saint and by the 14th century started to become the holiday that we know today. Whether single or with a partner there are various ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Rather than the more modern day nod to this holiday, why not try something a little more old fashioned this year? Let’s go Valentine’s Day!


  • Hand written cards. At one time all cards for Valentine’s Day were made by hand and never store bought. Many included poetry, a love poem for that special person or a thoughtful written card sent to a friend.
  • Pressed flowers. Once a popular thing to do with any flowers received by a loved one, pressing flowers has gone out of fashion. Try pressing your own this year. Violets, the original Valentine’s Day flowers are an excellent choice. It was believed that violets grew outside the jail cell of St. Valentine and that he would crush the blossoms to make ink. He would use this to secretly write letters which he then had delivered by doves. Violets are considered a symbol of requited love and faithfulness.
  • Celebrate Love and Friendship Day. In Columbia this is the name for Valentine’s Day and is for celebrating friends and loved ones. Bring those you care about together and have a celebration at home. If you want to go big, have a dinner and dance party!
  • Enjoy winter activities. Many of us are alone on Valentine’s Day, especially seniors. Get together, dress in your warmest clothing and hire a sleigh for a winter sleigh ride. Bring chocolates and champagne to celebrate your friendship.







This is also the time of year when our thoughts are of spring. Sign up for new classes or an interest such as ballroom dancing. Another idea is to celebrate this day by relaxing and investing in yourself. Spend a leisurely day doing things you love to do. Order in a meal or make your favourite. Don’t forget the flowers and candles! Valentine’s Day is about loving and caring. Show yourself some love and care also.