As men age, they are likely to have a partial androgen deficiency. As a result, there is a low circulating testosterone. For instance, there will be defects such as low muscle strength, poor cognitive performance, high adiposity, and a weak body, among others. For these reasons, elderly men need to seek testosterone therapy to increase the testosterone level in the body.

Below are some of the benefits that elderly men will enjoy after taking testosterone therapy.







Promote a Healthy Heart and Blood 

As mentioned above, when an elderly man has a deficiency in testosterone, there are likely to suffer from many health issues. However, with testosterone therapy, he will have a healthy heart, which will pump blood to all other parts of the body. The testosterone also helps in the red blood cells production in the bone marrow. On the other hand, when testosterone levels are low, there are increased risks of many cardiovascular issues.

The therapy makes elderly men more active, which also benefits their body positively. Additionally, hormone therapy healthily widens arteries, thus reducing the risk of many cardiovascular diseases. You can take drugs such as Testosterone-Enanthate to help boost testosterone levels and avoid cardiovascular problems.

Helps Form Stronger Bones  

The level of bone mineral density is directly determined by the level of testosterone in the body. Due to the decrease of testosterone in the body the bone density decreases. This increases the risk of osteoporosis and weak bones. Luckily, with the aid of testosterone therapy, elderly men can maintain strong bones. The strong bones will help support the internal organs and the muscles, thus boosting their athletic performance.

Less Fat and More Muscles  

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As men age the muscles in their body reduce, and there is more fat. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for ensuring that there is an increase in muscle mass. The body mass not only helps increase energy but also control the weight. However, after testosterone therapy, you will find that some men will have a change in lean body mass but no increase in strength. For an elderly man to see an increase of strength, he will need to combine testosterone therapy with exercises and strength training to get the best results.

Better Libido  

With age, the libido decreases. This is mainly because of the reduced testosterone level in the body.  A study proved that after testosterone therapy, men have better libido and erectile function. However, erectile dysfunction could be as a result of other conditions or medications in addition to low testosterone levels. Therefore, it’s best to seek a physician for you to get the right treatment.

Improved Mood 

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With low testosterone levels, the quality of life goes down. As a result, you will realize signs such as fatigue, irritability, and depression, among others. A study proved that testosterone therapy is very beneficial for the elderly man. Nevertheless, the effects of testosterone therapy on mood can vary. For men who have hypogonadism, there is a high chance of improved mood and improvement in the overall well-being. On the other hand, you will realize other benefits, such as reduced irritability and fatigue.

Better Mathematical Reasoning, Verbal Memory and Spatial Abilities  

Loss of memory and reduced mathematical reasoning abilities in elderly men is more often associated with old age. The Reduction of testosterone levels in the body plays a significant role in this. Additionally, there is a good correlation between testosterone and thinking abilities; such as verbal memory and faster processing speed. For this reason, you will expect an older man who is receiving testosterone therapy to have better memory skills as well as spatial abilities as compared to the men who are not taking testosterone therapy.

Skin and Hair  

Aging takes a toll on hair and skin health as well. The skin becomes weak and there is loss of hair. Low testosterone level is the main cause of loss of hair and weakness of the skin. Testosterone therapy helps an elderly man look and feel energized. With an increase in testosterone levels, the skin will look and feel stronger, thus reducing wrinkles. Additionally, the level of hair loss on the head and other parts of the body decrease.


Testosterone is a paramount hormone in a man’s body that helps in many body functions. Unfortunately, as men grow elderly, the testosterone levels drop, thus leading to several malfunctions in the body.  However, through testosterone therapy, it is possible to increase testosterone levels and solve such issues. Above are some of the benefits that an older man will have after several sessions of testosterone therapy.

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