bigstock Senior Woman At The Game Table 1143562 scaled
bigstock Senior Woman At The Game Table 1143562 scaled

With the cold weather comes a drop in outdoor activity for most seniors. Getting out for a daily walk is always good. We still need fresh air and sunshine during the winter, maybe even more so than during the warmer months. For those who can get out and enjoy outdoor activities, it is beneficial to your health, both physically and mentally. But many winter days are too cold or too stormy to be spent outdoors.

What are some indoor activities that seniors can enjoy during the winter?

  • For many seniors, cold weather days are the best for cooking. Bring out your recipe books and try out some cold weather recipes. Soups, stews and other comforting foods are best when the weather outside is frightful! Also, cooking can be done with others.
  • Many of us are involved in crafts and winter days are perfect for getting comfortable, putting on some music and spending time knitting or crocheting. Other seniors enjoy quilting, scrapbooking, cross-stitch, painting or jigsaw puzzles. Get a few friends or family members together and play cards or board games
  • Numerous days spent indoors can lead to ongoing isolation for many seniors. Get online and join a chat group or forum with similar interests to yours. Take a virtual tour of one of the famous museums or art galleries. It’s all there at your fingertips.
  • Keep moving. Do some stretching exercises or other slow movements that will help to keep you both flexible and in shape. For those who are wheelchair bound there are lots of exercises you can do to stretch your body.







Stormy winter days are the best days for curling up with a cup of tea and a good book. Take advantage of the time alone and spoil yourself. To read more on winter activities for seniors, click here.