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By 2030 the number of people with diabetes is expected to rise to 522 million. It is a leading cause of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and blindness. One out of every two people with it will never be diagnosed with the disease. Though the incidence of type 2 diabetes is increasing, it is preventable.

Do you know the warning signs?

  • Excessive thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Numbness in your hands or feet
  • Blurred vision
  • Increased hunger

Are you at risk?

As you age your chances of developing this disease increase. Your risk is also higher if you have a close relative with it. However, there are risk factors over which you have total control. Keep your weight down, particularly in the stomach area. Try to include at least 30 minutes of activity in your day. This could be exercise or just part of your work routine. Fruit and vegetables should be part of your daily diet. Cut sugar from your diet as much as possible. Drinking alcohol and smoking are both factors that could increase your risk of development of the disease.







November 14th is World Diabetes Day. This year’s theme is Protect your Family. The International Diabetes Federation is asking families to learn more about the warning signs. Many people have a family member living with it yet most parents would have trouble recognizing the warning signs in their children. This has proven that more education is needed because if it is left untreated or unmanaged it can lead to life-changing complications. These can include amputation and blindness.

Diabetes was responsible for four million deaths in 2017. World Diabetes Day promotes the role of the family in the management, care, prevention and education of diabetes. There are ways you can get involved including the walk for diabetes and by learning your own risk of developing Type 2.For more information on World Diabetes Day and for resources than can help you, click here.