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Don’t assume that all drunk drivers are young people who have made a bad decision. Most of us usually think that those charged with drunk driving offenses are too young to know any better. However, quite a few of those who are caught driving under the influence of alcohol are over 65. If they are in an accident their injuries tend to be worse and when alcohol is added, the outcome can be deadly.

Seniors and Alcohol







It is normal for our vision to decline as we age, along with our hearing and other faculties. Our body’s ability to metabolize alcohol also changes. Once you grow older you just can’t drink the way you did when you were younger. It may only take a drink or two to be over the legal alcohol limit for driving. Add to that the fact that as we age we also take more prescription medication and you are looking at a recipe for disaster. Alcohol and prescription medication doesn’t mix well and can be fatal in more ways than one.

Can drinking alcohol worsen health problems?

Drinking alcohol is a known cancer risk. It can also damage your internal organs, your bones and your muscles. If you have certain medical conditions, they can be made worse by drinking. Those with memory problems, liver disease and congestive heart failure shouldn’t drink at all. It is a depressant and can make depression, anxiety and other mood disorders worse. It impairs your reflexes, alertness, concentration and memory. At the same time, the more you drink, the less you are aware of these effects.

Even for healthy seniors, drinking alcohol cautiously is a good idea. Even a few drinks can lead to dehydration and as we age, we tend to have less water in our bodies. Check with your healthcare provider to make sure it is ok to imbibe occasionally. To read more on alcohol and its effect on seniors, click here.