August 19th is World Humanitarian Day, created to recognize all of those who face adversity and danger while helping others. It coincides with the anniversary of the 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq. 22 members of the UN staff were killed because of the bombing.







Humanitarian aid workers help millions of people around the world. World Humanitarian Day is to celebrate people helping people. This day is also to stress the importance of international co-operation in meeting the needs of people everywhere.

How does humanitarian aid help people around the world?

  • Medical aid workers and volunteers arrive in crisis situations after disasters. Many of these disasters happen to people in the poorest parts of the world.  Individuals in these countries are extremely vulnerable. Aid workers provide assistance and rehabilitation to communities affected by disasters.
  • Humanitarian aid workers help others to rebuild their lives after a disaster happens in their community. They help them to become more resilient to further disasters and crisis’.  They also help to build peace in areas of conflict.

Neutrality, independence, impartiality and humanity are the four principles of humanitarian aid. Most aid workers tend to come from the country in which they are working. Many are also international. Thousands of these workers put themselves in danger working for humanitarian causes all over the world. Mostly working in third world countries, they face social violence, illness and poverty while helping those who need it most.

How can you celebrate World Humanitarian Day?

Do what you can to support those who are in need throughout the world. This could be as simple as making a donation to a local fund. These funds often provide clothing and food to those who go without. Take the time to educate yourself on which countries across the globe are in crisis. Find out which are in need for humanitarian aid. Be an inspiration to others and give help where and when you can.

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