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Travelling with a grandchild can be a learning experience for both of you. Children learn quickly and are also very observant. By finding out about new cultures and how other people live you are opening them up to an experience that will stay with them for a lifetime. This is also a way for you to spend time together and make long lasting memories.







But travelling with a grandchild can present its own group of challenges. Grandparents need to be prepared for just about anything. The tips below can help you on your trip with your grandchild.

Travel Tips:

  • Though you may never need it, you should have a letter of permission stating that you are allowed to have your grandchildren on the trip without their parents. It’s best if it is signed by both parents, especially if they are divorced. Create your own document in order to have all of the details and then have it notarized.
  • In many cases younger children can travel with just a birth certificate for identification. However, just to be sure, they should have a passport and will need one for entry into certain countries.
  • Don’t forget documents for health insurance as well as copies of prescriptions if they are needed.
  • Try to vacation in an area that you know will be of interest to your grandchild or grandchildren. Young children like Disneyland but an older child may be more interested in the Grand Canyon. Vacationing with several children of different age groups can be difficult but it’s workable if they realize they will all get their turn at what they find the most fun.
  • Don’t make your trip too long. Just like many adults, children can find travelling very tiring. Don’t cram too many activities into one day. Relax and take it slow. It will make for a much more enjoyable vacation for everyone.

Besides the above tips, don’t forget your own comfort. Stay in hotels that provide extras for children and at the same time will cater to adults. Don’t forget your camera!