Dear dog owner, We know it’s difficult to make your house smell like a flower garden with your furry companions shedding everywhere and leaving slobbery messes on everything.

But it’s really important to maintain good hygiene if you own a dog, for your own health as well as your pet’s.







When you’re not careful, it becomes unbearable to even breathe inside the house with constant dog smell. And even if you’re okay with it, your guests might not be comfortable with visiting a house that smells like a dog kennel.

We understand that maintaining a fresh smelling home with a dog can be quite hard work. This is why we have come up with 10 simple ways to keep the odor at bay.

1. Buy Odor-Resistant Beds

Your dog tends to sweat a lot while sleeping. So, buy a bed for it that is odor resistant and is made of hemp fabric. Opt for beds which are washable and consist of anti-microbial properties.

Some dog beds are made considering the comfort as well as the hygiene of the dog. So, look at all the options before making a purchase.

2. Invest In An Air Purifier

Did you know that area air purifiers are a blessing for dog owners?  They are actually very effective in terms of removing odor and allergens which might be in the air.

Purifiers help to keep the air free from pollution and acts as an air freshener. This way you will be able to get rid of airborne diseases as they filter the air for you.

There are many types of air purifiers available in the market. Just choose one which best suits your requirements.

3. Pay Special Attention to Carpets

An easy solution for fighting the notorious wet dog odor is to sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet. Keep it on overnight and in the morning, just vacuum it away.

This works like magic and leaves any material smelling fresh.  Baking soda can help dry the carpet and act as an antibacterial agent. It is not only effective for bad odor but also effective in terms of sanitation.

Also, consider investing in a good carpet cleaner. This is necessary for deep cleaning on a regular basis. Purchasing one suitable for your needs is a sure fire way of ensuring a nice smelling house.

4. Laundry Days Are Mandatory

Keep a day of the week designated to laundry. The longer you keep used clothes and toys unwashed, the smellier it will get. Clean the dirty stuff as soon as possible so that the smell doesn’t linger on.

Also washing a few clothes at a time would be easier than piling all the washables for later. Make sure to keep two sets of blankets, clothes or bed so that you can use one while the other is drying.

Bonus tip: Do not hoard on toys which are no longer in use. It will just cramp your storage area and kill space.

5. Keep Your Dog Clean

No matter how much you clean your house, if you don’t keep your dog clean, your house will be stinky.

Dogs don’t need frequent showers. Infact it’s actually harmful to them. But it’s important to give them baths whenever they get extremely dirty. And always make sure to use dog-friendly shampoos.

You can also opt for baby wipes to keep your dog clean between baths. Remember to place doormats at the doors and wipe your dog’s paws clean every time it comes back inside.

6. Deodorizing Products Will Work Wonders

On dinner nights, you can also light a scented candle to leave the room with a unique fragrance. You could also try out air fresheners or neutralizers. These are specifically made to keep dog odor away.

So when you don’t have time for a thorough cleaning and you have guests over, this is the easiest way to make your house smell better.

7. Throw Away Your Dog’s Old Collars

If your dog has a collar, chances are it gets unnoticed and can be the root cause of horrible stench. Take it off from time to time and wash it.

After a bath, the collar often remains wet and can cause bad odor. This is why it is wiser to buy collars which are odor-resistant and does not absorb the smell. It’s best if you can change your dog’s collars frequently.

8. Open Up The Windows

If you lock all the doors and windows, then there will be no way for the air to pass. In order to keep fresh air flowing in the house, it’s essential to keep the windows open during the day.

This way your house will get a chance to breathe and the smell will not stick around. You don’t have to keep the windows open all day. Just 10 minutes daily will do the trick.

9. Keep Your Dog Dry At All Times

One of the main reasons your dog can get smelly is because you don’t keep it dry. Do not let your dog stay wet after a bath or after coming home from a walk.

Always dry your dog thoroughly after a shower using towels and a blow dryer. You can also use baby powder or dog-friendly powder to keep it smelling fresh.


When you have dogs, it is unrealistic to imagine it will smell like roses and daisies all day long. However, it is possible to have a hygienic environment and keep bad odors away with just a bit more maintenance.

If you are struggling to keep your house clean with your dog, try using the simple hacks we’ve mentioned. Rest assured, your house will feel refreshing and smell better in no time!