Easter scaled

Whether you are still living at home or in a retirement or assisted living facility, Easter is always a time to celebrate with your grandkids! There are many easy and fun activities you can do to enjoy this time with them. Below are some simple and creative ways you can engage your grandkids and get them to come for an entertaining Easter visit!

Have an Easter egg hunt







If you are living in a facility other than your own home, picking a specific room or location may be the best option for this. This will keep the kids in one place where you can watch and enjoy all the fun they are having. If you are living in your own home you can even extend the hunt to the outdoors if the weather permits. Fill plastic eggs with yummy treats like chocolate eggs or jelly beans and hide them in tricky spots so the kids will have fun finding them. You can also hide non-food items like colorful markers, coloring books or even Play-Doh® Spring Eggs. Once the hunt is over you will have activities like coloring or creating Play-Doh® shapes to do.  Have a pretty decorative basket ready for each child to use to gather their eggs and treats

Dye Easter Eggs

Every Easter celebration is funner with pretty and colorful eggs! Prepare the hard-boiled eggs ahead. If you are in a facility maybe the staff can ensure that everything is ready ahead of time for you and the grandkids. Coloring Easter eggs is fun and easy activity for all ages. Besides dying the eggs, the kids can also add other crafty items like glitter and stickers. With a little preparation ahead of time this can be a great activity to share with your grandchildren.

A Visit From The Easter Bunny

A staff member from your facility may be available to dress up as the Easter bunny. They could hand out candy or toys to the kids. Ask the staff at your facility. If you live at home still, have a neighbor, friend or family member surprise the grandchildren by arriving as a surprise to your Easter celebration. Having someone else be the bunny will allow you to enjoy the time with the kids as they enjoy all of the festivities.

Give Gifts

Small children will always love a plush bunny to take home after a fun visit with Grandma and Grandpa at Easter. It could become a treasured possession that will help them remember the special time you spent together. If gifts are not an option, maybe spring time colorful balloons are another option.

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