picnic scaled
picnic scaled

A picnic is one way for members of the family to get together during the summer. If elderly members are attending, keep in mind that there may be special considerations. A picnic in your own yard would make things simpler and also make it easier to add extra dishes to the menu.

Prepare for the weather







Summer days can be beautiful and sunny but keep in mind that as you grow older, you also become dehydrated much more quickly. Add extra fluids to the menu and make sure you have umbrellas or a gazebo to keep out the sun. On extra hot days, try a late afternoon or evening meal when the sun isn’t directly overhead and temperatures may be cooler.

Plan your menu

If your picnic is to be in your yard you’ll have a lot more choices than if you should travel elsewhere. Still, you should keep in mind that for seniors, some foods just aren’t good at any time. Things such as corn on the cob can be difficult to eat. Sticking to simple food is usually best. Try slices of watermelon or bowls of berries with thin pieces of cheese with crackers.

Organize your activities

Picnics should be casual so try to keep activities as unplanned as possible. Bring out some cards or board games and provide background music if you can. Tell stories or share funny things from your past. Grandchildren usually love to hear about how it was when grandma or grandpa grew up.

Summers are short and picnics should be a time to make memories. Invite as many members of your family as you can fit in the yard and spend the afternoon relaxing and reminiscing. July is National Picnic Month. Enjoy the long warm days with your family and celebrate with good food and good company.