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This is an art book that investigates how and why people who practice activities like painting or singing or dancing, live longer; healthier lives. With beautiful images, it is a stimulating narrative about how old age can be a time of joy and awakening. It begins with the story of one amazing artist who is enjoying her first success at 102!
ART & CREAKY BONES is a beautifully written explanation of how and why creative adventures keep old brains and bodies healthier. There is surprising evidence that we actually become more innovative with age, so after 50 can be a truly ripe period for creation.
The author gives some compelling examples of old artists at their pinnacle, as well as recounting her own experiences. Sheila Reid is one of few women artists exhibited and collected by museums around the world. She is also known for her first book ‘Art Without Rejection’ that was used in more than 200 universities.
Readers say: « This is a stunningly beautiful book, incredibly interesting – how being creative even if you’ve never been before, can help with healthy aging » J. Vigneau (
Another reader says,  « This book should be prescribed for everyone over 50. It’s fabulous. M. Simkins (
Another says: « Each page has an almost rhythmic quality of inspiration prompting us forward with our artistic pursuits. I highly recommend it. » M. Mitchell (
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