Some people consider cleaning their home as something relaxing and calming, while the vast majority thinks of cleaning as everything but calming and relaxing – more of a dreadful obligation. And maybe this feeling stems from doing it all wrong. Basically, there are two ways to clean your home and they are referred to as ‘zone cleaning’ and ‘task cleaning.’ Most people waste their precious time by zone cleaning their homes, which means going room by room. A much more efficient way to clean your home is to task clean or do a job on an entire house level i.e. dusting, vacuuming, etc. Keep reading to learn how to clean your house more efficiently.

Start off by dusting

When you decide it’s high time for cleaning, it’s important to know where to start. We begin with dusting throughout your entire home. That includes furniture topsides, shelves, handrails, photo frames, screens and of course, all the knickknacks. However, it also matters how you dust. So, always start with the topmost places moving on to places downwards and keep in mind that you should move from left to right in order not to forget any spaces and not to allow the dust to fall to places that you’ve already dusted. It’s usually enough to dry-dust unless you’re dealing with fingerprints, which will require you to use a damp cloth.

Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Talks To Quick Cures For Cleaning Your Home

Continue with cleaning fabrics, mirrors, glass and surfaces

When you finish with dusting, it’s time to move onto the next task which involves cleaning all kinds of surfaces. You can start this particular task by remaking all the beds, neatening and fluffing the pillows and blankets, vacuuming them along the way. An easy way to brush furniture surfaces is by using a vacuum extension brush. Then, clean all the mirrors, glass surfaces and windows with a window cleaner and a soft, cotton cloth. Many people around the world, including Australians, use eco-friendly cleaning alternatives as they get the job done, they are not toxic and harmful for the environment. There are more and more companies that focus on green cleaning supplies. The final step in this part includes cleaning and disinfecting all the surfaces that fingers touch as they tend to be full of bacteria and germs, and we often overlook them. Places such as door handles, light switches, TV remotes and phones are essential to clean.

Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Talks To Quick Cures For Cleaning Your Home

Focus on the kitchen and bathroom

Then come the two most demanding rooms in our home – the kitchen and bathroom. As these two are a handful for cleaning, due to lack of time, many people decide to hire help. So, for example, it’s popular for people to get a quote online for house cleaning in Sydney, after which professionals make their home sparkle in no time. This is a perfectly reasonable option for an occasional thorough cleanup. In the meantime, you can keep the hygiene levels in your home on a decent level by spraying cleaner on tubs, sinks and toilets and letting it sit for some time while you focus on kitchen and clean the microwave and other appliances as well as the cabinet doors. When finished with the kitchen, you can go back to the bathroom and finish off.

Make the floors sparkle

Before you make your floors spotless and sparkling, remember to sweep it. Only after sweeping, you can focus on mopping your floors. Try to get all the corners and tough spots. It’s best to use a mild floor cleaning product suitable for your type of flooring, warm water and a cotton cloth.

Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Talks To Quick Cures For Cleaning Your Home

Finally, vacuum

When you have finished all of the above, you can almost relax as what’s left is vacuuming. Pro tip suggests starting from the farthest point in your home and moving slowly, piece by piece.

It may be difficult at first, but when you develop your regular cleaning routine, you’ll be able to clean your entire home in no time and with only half the effort you used to need before.