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There are many reasons for seniors to stay in employment, some people want extra income to support their family, or so they can go on big holidays they always said they’d book and others do it simply to stay busy. Being older doesn’t mean you should retire and spend your days trying to stay busy, you can still seek employment and if you’re wondering what jobs might be suitable, here are a few ideas.

Teaching Assistant







A popular choice for seniors, the hours are shorter and suitable for most. Being a teaching assistant gives you a lot of time with children and you’re helping their education improve. You can also decide what age you’d like to aid, if you think older children might wear you out more, assisting with younger children might suit your needs. In some cases, you might even focus on supporting one child with special needs, as there is more awareness of different disabilities. children are offered a lot more support from a younger age, meaning more assistants are needed.


For anyone with a taste for organisation, being a receptionist or administrator gives you a job which offers little (if any) stress. Ideally, you could consider local businesses that only need staff as part-time, smaller companies find it more efficient to hire part-time staff as the workload isn’t great enough to demand a full-time receptionist. Working as an administrator near your home is perfect for most, it’s not a demanding job and it offers a lot of opportunities socially.

Writer and Editor

Older generations are well spoken and use correct grammar for every occasion, traits that websites desire currently. As computers are becoming easier to use, for seniors that want the most flexible job, becoming a freelance writer might be a good option. It might take a little more research and the workload won’t be as consistent, being a writer will give you the most freedom between your work and social life. If you don’t think you have the creative edge you can also become a freelance editor, checking articles for grammar mistakes and language used. Research is key to becoming a freelancer, professional indemnity insurance is something all freelancers need to stay protected whilst working with clients, have a look through online!


The idea of making a hobby a paid job is perfect, all it takes is a few flyers in your local area to get started with your small business. Or if the idea of going it alone isn’t for you, gardeners are a demand for small businesses, you could tend to a few companies a couple times a week rather than focusing on private homes. Either way, remember to protect yourself with contractors insurance, it might be a mistake made or a bad client but being insured gives you piece of mind and confidence whilst working. There’s a lot of advice online about gardening so it’s worth considering if you have the creative eye for greenery. Local garden centres are also a great place to apply.

Charity Stores

Working in a charity store is a great way to receive fulfilment from your work, support local or nationwide charities is a popular choice for a lot of seniors. Quiet stores that welcome friendly people is what any retail store would desire, if you’re not looking for financial gain from your contribution, they’ll likely take you aboard in a blink of an eye. The job will mainly consist of customer services, sorting the clothes rails and product for the sales and cleaning, also great ways to feel satisfied with your work.

All the mentioned jobs are adaptable to people other commitments. However, if you have more time or the energy for a more demanding job, the choices are endless!