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When you’ve reached your golden years the need to stay active becomes a tedious but necessary task. For sure, your doctors have recommended brisk walking activities and maybe even a few activities that you can do to get yourself moving. However, you might not be feeling as energetic as you used to. And playing sports like basketball, volleyball, or soccer could provide more risk than benefit. These contact sports tend to make the gameplay a bit rough. A sport that is often recommended for seniors is a good old game of golf.

While some see the game as more of a hobby than a sport, golf is actually an effective way to incorporate regular exercise. It may not seem as exciting as other competitive sports but golfers receive tons of benefits from the game. Aside from the physical exercise, it gives you, there are other mental, emotional, and social benefits too.








There are those who see golfing as just swinging a stick. However, when you actually pick up that golf club and get to playing, you’ll find that it is a truly invigorating sport that requires a good level of focus. One main benefit from golf is that it requires tons of walking on the golfer’s part. Sure, there is a golf cart that you can take advantage of but when you hit your ball, you’ll end up walking around in search of where it landed. Also, the golf carts are unable to drive through certain areas so you’ll definitely end up walking a few miles each time you’re at the course. Aside from the walk, you might have to lug around your golf bag. While others can hire a caddy or just leave their bags inside their carts, there are cases when you have to carry it around. Think of it as a weight lifting exercise; with multiple clubs inside the bag, it’s going to end up weighing more than just a few pounds.

These are just a few of the physical benefits to your health. As seniors, mental, emotional, and even social well-being is important. Luckily, golf is able to help out in these different areas. Actually, here’s a run-down of the many health benefits golfing provides for seniors.

Mild Cardio Workout

The maximum heart rate that each person should aim for when they workout gets lower with age. As a senior, high-intensity workouts are not as recommended. Thus, mild exercises are advised and at extended periods. With a game of golf, you’ll be walking all over the course for hours. And the best thing is that you probably won’t notice that you’ve walked as much as you have; especially when you are playing with friends. Since most golf courses extended for up to 10 kms, you’ll definitely get a decent cardio workout when you head for a game at the golf course.

Sharpening Focus

Playing golf requires a lot more than just sheer strength. For one, you have to pick out which golf club you should use, what angle you should approach the ball, and create your strategy. Aside from the initial planning prior to every swing, you also need to focus enough to actually put those plans into action. While you won’t be able to automatically get the best results from your swings, over time and with some practice, your swing precision will improve. However, even the best golfers can mess up their shots when they lose focus.

The need for mental awareness and strategy building skills during a golf game ensure that aside from your body, you are also working out your mind.

Minimal Injury Risk

Unfortunately, the older you get, the higher your risk for injury. Whether in day to day activities or when you work out, pushing yourself may not be the best idea. Even just after the age of 40, a decline in muscle mass, declining bone density, and lowered skin elasticity make it harder to recover from an intense workout and greatly increases the chances for muscle tears. Runners are prone to a number of leg injuries, swimmers need to be careful with their shoulders, while a number of other sports also carry a long list of sports injuries as well. However, the mild workout that golf provides is perfect for older generations.

Social Health Benefits

A great thing about golf is that it is a sport that you can play alone or against other people. Whether you decide to play with a large group or with a single friend, all you need to do is make sure everybody has their equipment. And because different players have their set handicap scores, amateur golfers can play against more experienced golf players on an evened out playing field. If you opt to play as a group, you have even more time to converse between swings. Aside from spending time with other people, you also get the chance to enjoy the outdoors.

When you start to consider all the benefits that golf offers for seniors, it is no wonder why many people see it as a sport to enjoy in your retirement. Well, it definitely is one of the sports capable of catering to the health needs of those past their prime. But, don’t mistake it as a game for seniors alone. You can bring over you son and even your grandson for a game. It isn’t just for seniors, it’s for everyone!