respect for parents day scaled
respect for parents day scaled

August 1 is Respect for Parents Day. Most of us know that small children and teenagers should respect their parents. But what about adult children and their aging, senior parents? Seniors deserve respect, especially from their adult children. In most cases they have given up a lot along the way and have done their best with what they had.

How can you show respect to your senior parents?

  • In many families, adult children eventually become caregivers of their elderly parents. Though this can be difficult, think of it as a give and take relationship. Remember the care they have given you over the years. Some of the tasks may be extremely difficult if they are of an intimate nature but your parents deserve the care and respect that you can give them in their final years.
  • Respect your parent’s decisions and wishes. Unless they are too frail or lack cognitive function, your parents are every bit as sharp as they ever were. They’ve also accumulated a lot of knowledge over the years. Though their choices may not be your choices they have the right to choose for themselves for as long as they are able.
  • Spend time with them. Seniors often get lonely. They may live alone and no longer have the friends they once had when they were younger. Give them a call or stop by with lunch. Giving of your time is one of the best ways you can show respect to your parents.
  • Listen to them. Your parents can be a good source of advice on many things in life. Believe it or not, they have probably been in many of the same situations that you have and have faced the same problems. Times may have changed but good advice is still good advice.







Most importantly, be polite. Show your parents that you have good manners and know enough to speak to them properly. Rudeness is rampant in our society and should never be directed toward your parents. To read about Respect for Parents Day, its history and how to celebrate, click here.