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Some of us live to a remarkably old age and manage to stay healthy. Others die far younger than you would think. Sometimes due to ill health, sometimes for other reasons. Are there secrets to living a long life? Ask any healthy senior who has passed their 100th birthday and they will all give you a different reason for their longevity.

What really contributes to a long healthy life?

  • Luck. Most of those who live well past a hundred may have genes that are programmed to protect them from aging. Researchers are still looking into this puzzle. With so few centenarians and supercentenarians to work with, collecting DNA samples may not help with the answers to their questions.
  • A strong resistance to age-related diseases. There are many age related illnesses, disorders and diseases. For some reason certain people manage to avoid the more serious ones which include cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and others. Studies are being done on the protective mechanisms that some seniors have in the hope that it will lead to new treatments in the future.
  • Keep your mind and body active. Research still shows that an active body and mind throughout life leads to good health as we grow older. Many of the oldest seniors live active lifestyles. They walking whenever possible, cultivate new interests and eat well. On the other hand there are also those who live to over 100 who never exercise and who also don’t eat well at all.







This is where the research on genetics is being done. Why do some very healthy people die at a younger age and yet those who live a very unhealthy lifestyle may live well into their 90’s and beyond? Most of us want to live long lives but we also want to be healthy and happy at the same time. Until we know more about how genes affect our longevity, exercise more as you grow older, stay interested in a variety of topics and eat a good diet. To read more on how to live a long life, click here.