Crusing Through Retirement scaled
Crusing Through Retirement scaled

We have previously talked about the fact that prisons seem to have better food and services then some long term care facilities and the cost is nothing.  Yet our long standing seniors who have contributed to the world in positive ways, can end up in facilities less then desirable while costing a small fortune. Hmmmm. So we thought we would start researching other opportunities and came across this one.

Imagine access to:

  • up to 10 meals a day
  • multiple pools
  • hot tubs and saunas
  • exercise rooms
  • room service
  • clean linens everyday
  • wait staff at your beckon call
  • doctor on call
  • as many showers a day as you want
  • free toiletries
  • maintenance on your room amenities
  • daily games and entertainment
  • new sights everyday
  • new friends everyday
  • sunshine
  • never alone
  • and more

All for less then the price of a retirement home or long term care home or nursing home??

Do you think there are long term care facilities that offer all of these services?

Do you want to be cruising or check out long term care facilities?

Check out the video below that inspired us to write this article….who’s in?

Then ask, why aren’t we helping seniors age in place and enjoy their final destination in life like this?