Kids Dont Call scaled
Kids Dont Call scaled

We have had the privilege of meeting and speaking with thousands of seniors via our website, at senior shows, in our personal lives, on location at retirement homes and with business partners. One common topic is the concern of senior parents that they don’t hear from their kids or grandkids as much as they want to. They say, my kids don’t call. And we understand that as many of us experience it. So why might that be?

Well, that is a good question.

We should all acknowledge that times have changed and the communication vehicle our adult children want is different from what you would like.

So what can you do?

Invest in a cellphone that allows you to text or a smartphone that allows you to stay connected via social media. While you may not like text messaging, your kids and grandkids do so it is a way for you to get a connection and by a way they prefer. Liking and commenting on their social media posts allows you to see, understand what they are up to and feel involved. Staying connected with technology may be the answer.

Maybe they are trying to be independent? So what does that mean?

You have loved and nurtured them their entire lives. And you have taught them about many life things including being independent. That’s what we all want for our kids, right?

So maybe not look at the not hearing from them as a negative and celebrate that they have grown up and are truly showing independence. That means you did an amazing job!

Are they NOT impressed?

Let’s agree on this…we do get a bit more persnickety as we age. No fault of our own but maybe the kids feel that when they contact us, they don’t feel the greatest. Maybe we are being judgemental, maybe we are being critical, maybe we are just being a concerned parent BUT they are grown up now and their choices, lives and mistakes are their own to make. So maybe we need to let go a bit. As hard as that is. Or maybe they feel we just keep talking about the same thing and they lose interest?

Lastly, laughter is the best medicine. It’s true, find ways to put some humour into your interactions with your children so they look forward to communicating. And if that doesn’t work, just sit back and laugh because you know at some point they will reach out when they really need you. It’s true!

See the original article that lists in detail the 5 reasons why you may not be hearing from your kids as much you want here

AND a special bonus, here is the link to a funny video that was just released from a Mom who hasn’t heard from her son who moved away to college…it reaffirms that laughter is a good medicine as it is quite funny and makes me think, the ‘lack of communication’ starts way before our children are middle aged…it actually starts in their twenties! And if the parents aren’t hearing from their kids in college, then as grandparents, we don’t have a hope!