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drew taylor 554136 unsplash scaled

Now that the use of marijuana has become legal in Canada, more seniors will take it into consideration when dealing with chronic pain. While medical marijuana has been available for some time by prescription, for many seniors it was still considered taboo. Seniors are much more comfortable with using cannabis now that is has legal status.

Can cannabis help with senior pain?

  • In some cases, cannabis can replace prescribed medications that seniors are taking. Many seniors find that once they are prescribed certain medications the side effects cause them to seek another medication. Marijuana has been used to help with inflamed joints, chronic pain, high blood pressure, anxiety and many other disorders.
  • There are cannabis creams available. These creams will help with pain from arthritis and neuropathic pain or nerve pain. Nerve pain is caused by crossed signals coming from the nerves.
  • Not only can marijuana alleviate pain but for those who have increased weight loss it can work as an appetite stimulant. Frailness in the elderly can be dangerous so staying at an optimum weight is one of the healthiest ways you can age well.







For many seniors the stigma of marijuana use is overcome by the frustration of not being able to deal with chronic issues. Many have tried multiple prescription medications only to find that most are of no help. In desperation they turn to legal cannabis in order to find some relief from their pain and other symptoms.

Legal cannabis is now one other option that seniors can look at when it comes to their wellness. Many of us take vitamins and other supplements without even thinking about it. Whether or not you feel comfortable using legal cannabis is a totally personal decision. To read about how seniors are interested in exploring the benefits of legal cannabis, click here.